BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) calls itself the “Ultimate Driving Machine” and BMW owners would not disagree.

There is turbine-like smoothness in the power delivery from the engine and transmission, coupled with unmatched handling characteristics.  In the realm of German cars, BMW’s have always been the most advanced in cutting edge automotive technology, particularly all the sophisticated electronic systems.
For example, BMW was the first automaker in the mid 80’s to have an onboard computer system with sensors, to monitor oil changes and other vehicle maintenance needs. At G P Automotive in Everett, we have the tools, the training, and years of experience to keep your BMW in 1st class condition. On many models we can download performance upgrades over and above the factory settings. Come see what we have to offer and meet our team of dedicated enthusiasts.

Services provided for your BMW include:

  • Engine diagnosis and repair
  • Emission Systems testing and repair – Washington State Authorized Emission Repair Facility
  • Starters and Alternators
  • Electrical System diagnosis and repair
  • Brakes – including troubleshooting and repair of ABS systems
  • Steering and Suspension maintenance and repair
  • Cooling System care
  • Heating and Air Conditioning work
  • Transmission, Driveline, and Clutch repair
  • Exhaust systems
  • Comprehensive used car inspections
  • Interior systems
  • Body systems
  • Audio and entertainment system
  • Check engine light diagnoses
  • All scheduled maintenance services

For more detail, see our Services page.